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Overdrive solenoid

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  • Overdrive solenoid

    I have a 1949 2R5 truck that I converted to 12 volts. I want to install a spare T86 transmission with a R10 overdrive.

    My problem is that the OD solenoid is 6 volt and I need a 12 volt. Does anyone know where I can get a 12 volt OD solenoid?

    I believe 1956-57 Studebakers used a 12 volt OD solenoid with 2 poles that would fit or the later models had a 12 volt OD solenoids with 3 poles that would work with a few wiring modifications.

    Does anyone had a listing of the Delco Remy identification numbers for these solenoids?

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    Maybe Mr. Biggs still has a 12v Overdrive Solenoid available. He sold one to me a little while back (like you, I have converted my 6v truck to 12v).

    Also, that Borg Warner overdrive unit was used on several other makes besides Studebaker. Question is, who else was using them once the switch to 12v cars took place (mid fifties). Perhaps Chevy, Ford, Willys, I don't know.

    Best to create a "favorite search" for eBay that looks like this:

    (12v, 12 volt) (overdrive, od, o.d.) (solenoid, sol*d, sel*d)

    The parentheses and commas group together search terms that may show up, with a meaning of "12v OR 12 volt", for example.

    Delco part number: I just now found a completed auction on eBay (winning bid was $127.50) for a 12v solenoid. Here's what it said, with a part number:

    12 VOLTS
    DELCO/REMY PART # 1119795

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      Yeah, I just went out in the garage to check. I've got a good, working 12volt 3-wire solenoid available.[^]

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        I'm interested in that solenoid. My Email address is :

        Please Email me with the particulars or email me your telephone number and I will call you tomorrow. Please tell me when you would like me to call you and what time zone you are in.