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A/C delete complete, now....

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  • A/C delete complete, now....

    After dragging my feet (and other body parts) on this issue, I finally removed all of the A/C components from my '65 Daytona.(Stay tuned for a future ad on the SSP.)With the compressor and other stuff out of the way, I found that I need a different alternator bracket.Not knowing exactly what I needed, I gambled $6 at a swap meet and bought 2 brackets, neither of which fit.A buddy at work gave me one; it was close but not useable. I went to the local FLAPS this morning and bought a flat 'universal fit'bracket. Not only was it a tad too long;it was too fat to snug up to the water pump.
    It appears that the part I need must be flat,be more than 11" and less than 14 1/2".And BTW I had to buy another (correct)alternator belt.
    A quick check in the Chassis and Body Parts catalog shows that this could be part #1563503 (I think??).Any advice or leads on something that would work would be appreciated.Thanks again fellas.

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    Being a Chevy engine, the part should be common as dirt. Check eBay.

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      Thanks for the reply, Bams.This is what I assumed but I thought that somebody would have one of these lying around.I'd rather deal with Studebaker folks than eBayers.Got an old Chevy guy I can talk to; if not it's off to the junkyard.Thanks again.


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        Start with what ya got, cut, grind, weld, grind some more, & paint... Voila!

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          Have you contacted Studebaker International? Although the engine is a Chevy, there are differences. I was going to put power steering in my 66 but found the stock Chevy power steering pump bracket interferred with the steering linkage. I dont think the alternator was mounted on the passenger (right) side on Chevys either.

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            Do you need the alt. mounting bracket, or the adjusting arm? I may have both.
            Jim Sinclair
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