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Brake line kit

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  • Brake line kit

    Has anyone bought and used the brake line kits sold on eBay?

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    Are you talking about the steel lines? if so, I "beleive" that you get straight brake lines, enough to do a car. If you are looking for a kit that is "pre-bent" try or If they do not have a kit for your car, send them your old lines and they will duplicate them. I have not used them, but have heard GOOD things about both.
    They both offer lines in stainless steel or regular.

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      I bought one of those kits on EBay and the first one they sent was the wrong size. I contacted them and they were very apologetic and sent me another set, free, that was supposed to be precut to length for my year and model of car but they were not even close. I was able to use the lines but they required a lot more work than I expected. I did not contact them again because I was tired of messing with the company. Hopefully mine was a rare case. They advertise that the lines are specific to your model but as I said, mine were not. Good luck!!


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        I bought one for my 1957 Wagon. The lines were not exact but workable. They do bend easy like advertised and overall it worked out fine.


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          I got one of the kits for the 1950 Champion, and it came as advertised and went in pretty neatly. Overall, I think it saved me a lot of time for not having to cut and flare a lot, and the price was nice compared to the pre-bent sets. I think there was one spot where they have you splice together two shorter tubes for the long run down the frame to the rear. Doesn't seem conspicuously hokey.