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2R5 emergency brake hookup

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  • 2R5 emergency brake hookup

    Hey all. I'm 18 and struggling to hook up a new wiring harness to my 50 pickup. But that's not what this thread is about, it's just an intro.

    so any way, does anyone know how to hook up the emergency brake on one of these? The cables are all there but they are not really attached to each other. There are a couple bolts in a labeled bag, but I can't figure out where to put them. Anyone got some pictures???? Unfortunately I didn't get any today.

    Thanks for any help. I'm trying to get ready for a road trip the first full week in April. [8D]

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    Welcome to the forum! Get some pics of it and it should be alot easier to explain. By the way, I'm 16 and have a '40 Champion that the wireing dosen't like me on either.[)]

    Chris Dresbach

    1940 Champion two door.
    Parts of the 1952 Model N
    1960s Prototype cart
    Chris Dresbach


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      From memory, so I may be confusing the truck arrangement with some other: There's a cable attached to the parking brake handle/ratchet that ends in a threaded rod. It goes through a hole in a U-shaped sling-like piece in which the rear cable sits. The ends of the single rear cable are each attached to one of the rear brakes. It forms a C-shaped half-loop that goes through the sling.

      A shop manual might be a good investment.

      Skip Lackie
      Washington DC
      Skip Lackie


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        thanks guys
        Hey I do have a shop manual! Well I feel stupid. I think I will take a look at that too