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Ignition timing 63 Avanti R1

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  • Ignition timing 63 Avanti R1

    Set the timing today, initial 6 BTDC, dwell 28 degrees, (Delco window), idle in neutral 650 rpm. Centrifugal advance as per spec.
    Would be interesting to know what you set on your cars, mine is stock.

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    Sounds like a good place to start. You want as much initial advance as possible without detonation under load when hot, smooth cruise at highest vacuum reading because that's when vacuum can is pulling the most advance, and when the car is hot and you go to restart it you don't want a labored/slow crank.

    As weather changes you may have to adjust a little but it sounds like you're at a good place especially with the nice high vacuum readings.


    1988 "Beater" Avanti---R5388 @ Macungie 2006


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      I have an original Prestolite dual point distributor that I rebuilt and dialed in on my distributor machine. There is 20 deg centrifugal advance at 2400 rpm and 14 deg at 13 inches vacuum on the vacuum advance. I set the base timing at 8 deg which is just marginal for detonation. In the summer I retard the base timing 2 deg. to keep the engine from pinging. Bud


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        "Ignition timing an R1 (Delco window)Centrifugal advance as per spec."

        How does one determine what is the centrifugal spec for a Delco window on an R1? Same as the Prestolite?

        thnx, jack vines



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          Even at 4degrees BTDC my R1 will ping like crazy in the heat of the summer..........which is why I am forced to run Sunoco race gas.....110 octane...........moving up in price at 9.50/gallon:-(


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            The centrifugal advance is determined by the engine requirements, irespectively of brand of distributor, the distributor only has to deliver. So far no problem. But, will a replacement Delco deliver the same centrifugal advance as the original Prestolite. In my case the centrifugal advance with the Delco was a little more at low revs and exact at higher revs. Other Delco's will probably show other differences. One could say that my centrifugal advance was quite close to original spec.


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              The advance rate between the R1 distributors and the stock 259 Delco window distributor is the same, but the amount of advance is limited to around 20 to 22 deg in the R1 distributor and the Delco will have somewhere around 24 to maybe 26 deg deg if it's in good shape. Bud