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wiring diag for alternator

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  • wiring diag for alternator

    I have a Mopar alternator from the late 60's and it uses the same regulator as the 63-66 cars (I have been told). Does any one have this Mopar wiring diagram they could share? My car is a 1955 President that was converted befor I purchased the car. I would like to evaluate the wiring set up since I am putting in a new wiring harness.

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    I assume you're talking about the Mopar alternator with one field terminal and not two. You're right, the regulators are the same for them and the Prestolite alternators Stude used. If you wish to leave the existing regulator on the car, you can attach the existing armature wire (the big one that attaches to the generator) to the threaded output terminal on the alternator. If you wish to remove the old regulator, connect the two wires or groups of wires that are attached to the "B" or "Bat" terminal and the "A",Arm" or "Gen" terminal on the existing regulator. Then connect the existing armature wire on the generator onto the alternator.

    For the field terminal, you'll need to tie into an existing wire that is energized when the key is on or use the "run" terminal of the key switch. If you have overdrive, you can tie into the red wire (if memory serves me right) on the kick down solenoid. Find a good place to mount the regulator, run that wire to the terminal of the regulator and from the regulator terminal marked "field" or "F", run a wire to the field spade terminal of the alternator.

    Remember that if the car is presently negative ground, you'll need to swap the connections on the ammeter side for side. While you're under there, it'd be a good time to attach the field wire to the run terminal of the starter switch. Also, do NOT try to polarize the regulator as you would on a generator system.

    I noticed you said the car was converted before you got it. Do you mean to an alternator system or to a Mopar alternator? If it has already been converted to 12 volts and alternator, it may have already had the ammeter changed.


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      John, I found a wiring diagram for the alternator...went to search, then followed the leads to a 63-64 Studebaker wireing diagram, thanks for the help.