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    Hello All,
    I've got a 1965 Commander with the 283. The engine was rebuilt to stock specs about 5 years ago and runs great. However, I had it out for the first time yesterday and put about 400 miles on it! However, I noticed that every now and again it would develop a miss in it and I would slow down to about 30 mph and it would straighten out and be fine again. I am thinking it might be carb or points. So Im rebuilding the carb today; but was thinking about going with electronic ignition instead of points. Are there any options out there that I can upgrade to without any external changes (like a box, etc)? I want to keep it looking 100% stock under the hood. Any thoughts?

    God Bless,

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    Pertronix electronic ignitions are one of the best for Studebakers. They will fit under your existing distributor cap and are real easy to connect. Check the places below:

    Also check out Bob Johnstones website and this EBay item:


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      With the "Chevy" engine...there are MANY choises for the ignition.

      For my money an HEI would be the best bet. Even though the MSD is a tad higher in initial cost...I've seen other electronic ign. fail or not work to spec. and I've not had any such problem with the MSD stuff.

      To be fair, I've also had fairly good luck with the Pertronix module in my Stude engine.

      If you don't like the large dimater HEI series, there is MANY ignition's to choose from to work within the GM distributor.

      But need to make sure your existing dist. is working properly. That is, no shaft..side to side slop (bad bushings), the up and down movement is controled to a minimum (.025" to .045" shimming), the point plate is firm and not loose, the advance unit is working properly and is tight within the point plate.

      Note...fresh plug wires and being properly routed will go a long way in eliminating you note, you also verify the carburetor is working right....