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Water Pump for 63 GT Hawk

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  • Water Pump for 63 GT Hawk

    I need a new/rebuilt water pump for a 1963 GT Hawk with a standard 289 engine, auto transmission, and no air conditioning. The Chassis Parts catalog calls for part #1558224. Studebaker International lists one water pump (#1563639) for all 1954-1964 Studebakers and although I like to support the Studebaker vendors, I don’t want to spend $100 or more for a water pump ($85.65 + shipping) . There is a NOS Studebaker water pump currently on ebay that looks like the one currently installed on my hawk and it has a part number of 527242. I searched NAPA Auto Store and they list a rebuilt water pump (part #58463 which I believe is a Cardone part number) for a 1963 Lark with a 289 engine, but don’t list anything for a GT Hawk. I’m a bit confused! I’d like to know the specific information I need to find a new or rebuilt water pump for a 63 GT Hawk. Thanks

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    With the exception of the Avanti water pumps, I believe (quick, stop me if I'm wrong) all Studebaker V8 water pumps are the same.

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      Pretty sure you're right, but I thought that there were "normal" and "heavy duty" versions of the non-Avanti water pump.


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        Chuck Collins at has brand new water pumps for $78.00 plus shipping. This may be the least expensive new pump that you will find. Compare shipping costs with Stude-Intl.

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