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I decided to break this down into sections, rather than do them all
together. This is the first of 4 parts, the subject is a 1963 Avanti
but the basics can be applied to most early 60s Studebakers.

I pulled the pump off a couple months ago after blowing a seal, the
hoses and just about everything else is old & tattered. If the pump
hadn't failed, the pressure hose was a close second, as the hose at
the pump end had passed its expected life years before.

Tonight I started cleaning and disassembling the pump. The pulley is
the "keyed" style, with a thick washer and bolt. A 1/2 wrench is the
requirement here. I used a pair of vice grips and grabbed the outer
edge of the pulley, and rotated the pulley until the vice grips hit
up against the pump case. I hit the wrench with a rubber mallet and
it came loose (Poor mans impact gun). Once the bolt was loose I took
hold of the pulley and pulled it in & out which worked it loose from
the shaft, your level of difficulty may vary. Next was the pump case
bolts, which hold on two of the mounting brackets. They require a 9/16
wrench, I used the same technique for these(rubber mallet). A bit more
cleaning was required once the brackets were off. This is as far as I
got before getting cleaner into an open wound on my hand, this pretty
much ended my fun for the evening. It seems the case is held together
with dowel pins, any tips as to where to pry? Nate? Mike M?


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