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Supercharger Idler Pulley Bearing

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  • Supercharger Idler Pulley Bearing

    I'm starting to put things back together on my 1963 R-2 GT Hawk.
    The bearing in my supercharger idler pulley is rough and noisy and
    I would like to replace it. SI has the bearing, but I don't know
    how to remove my old one from the pulley[?]
    Is there a source for a new pulley with bearing or is there some
    relativley easy way to remove and replace the old bearing[?]
    What would I torque the nut to when I put the pulley back on?
    Thanks once again for your expertise in these matters!!!

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    The bearing is held in the pulley with an internal snap ring on the front. Likely you didn't notice it because it is covered in old grime. When you put the pulley on the arm, you need to use washers (sometimes?) behind it to make it align correctly with the other pulleys. There shouldn't be any need to make the nut 'excessively' tight. There aren't any numbers supplied by the book. It is a 7/16-14 thread, but it is also ground flat on one side. Probably about 20 ft.lbs. should be enough or about as tight as you can possibly make it with an open end wrench.

    Tim K.
    '64 R2 GT Hawk
    Tim K.
    \'64 R2 GT Hawk