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Gas Gauge sending unit

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  • Gas Gauge sending unit

    Gentlemen. does anyone have or know where I can get a fuel gauge sending unit for my 54, it is still 6 volts so I believe it is 0-100 ohms.

    Thanks: Mark

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    Here's one!

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    If you have the time:


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      I acquired one of these sending units but just as another new one I acquired about 3 years ago from another source, I cannot get it to function. I confirmed 6v was getting to the sending unit and I have a confirmed external ground to one of the installation screws. I did have this latest one funtioning out of the tank with the new gauge in the dash, but then after two or three I&Rs, even that stopped. And I cannot understand when I ground the wire from the gauge (where it would connect to the tank sending unit), the guage does not peg out on Full, but only goes to about 3/4.

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