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tips on engine and trans install

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  • tips on engine and trans install

    OK we managed to get the trans out of the car. I've got the flywheel bolted to the engine. Now I need to bolt the bell housing to the engine. Then do I attach the trans, or install the engine and attach the trans from underneath? Can you mount the engine and trans in one shot?'s a 185 with a 3 speed overdrive.


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    Put the bell housing on, with the dowels in place, torque the screws to #35 or whatever, Get two screws the size of the top transmission bolts, 4 inches long, cut the heads off and saw (with a hack saw) screw driver slots in the end. Screw them into the top holes and use these to align the tranny before you slide it into the bell housing. Install the two bottom screws, all but tight, remove the top guide screws, and replace with the originals. Torque them all to #50 or whatever, and button it all up. Don't forget the speedometer cable and drive shaft.

    Dont forget the clutch and pressure plate.

    If the engine is out of the car, put them together in the above manner, then put the whole thing in the car.

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      I prefer to do the trans after the motor is set. But, that's just me.

      And I have no doubt there are a thousand and one reasons that is the WRONG way to do it.


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        I kinda like the idea of bolting it all up together first...I've done it both ways on other car's I've had...but this is a first on a Stude. I wasn't sure if there were any issues with trying to do the whole assembly at one time. Hopefully we'll get it in next weekend.