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Need good radio for 1950 Champion, or radio parts

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  • royvaldez
    My first 1950 stude had a firestone radio. It still in the car and working. I do collect radios for your car. Let me know, I have some good radios orignials that need a radio guy to look at. Usually, vibrator, all paper caps need to be changed. You can email me at I can send pictures. I can referr you to a person who fixes them for parts only. He does not charge for labor.

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  • Need good radio for 1950 Champion, or radio parts

    I have my replacement radio almost ready to go. I do not like it very much but it is better than no radio EXCEPT....

    The speaker is damaged and it could use a new face.

    The spare radio I am trying to use is a Wards "Airline" brand radio that appears to be the same as the four tube Firestone radio.

    It appears that the Firestone/RCA parts will interchange.

    Anyone have any spares or a better radio for sale or trade?

    Thank you.