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Proper heater flow & hose routing Lark guys

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  • Proper heater flow & hose routing Lark guys

    In the interest of doing things 'correct' we find ourselves 'copying' what the factory did when working on our cars. The Lark type heater hose is one thing you could try replacing like the factory routed it, but without the proper molded elbow, it requires a large drip loop with a twist to avoid getting a kink.

    We have worked on several Larks that had a straight hose from any FLAPS that tend to kink when going up to the heater core. I've tried every trick when installing these and they tend to develop a kink later on. What I missed was so simple, I thought I'd share:

    The fix for this when using regular hose from your FLAPS is to swap the hoses so the top hose goes through the bottom hole and the lower hose goes through the upper hole. This gives the hose enough room to make the turn to the core without getting a kink. Sometimes 'factory correct' needs fixing as parts dry up.........


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    Thanks for the tip! This will help me out soon. Shane


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      I'm just thinking out loud here, but has anyone tried inserting a coil spring inside a heater hose to prevent it from kinking? Perhaps the passage would become to restricted for proper coolant flow with a spring inside? I noticed in the Stude-Intl catalog that Ed now offers a reproduction molded heater hose for 1963-64 Hawks. Perhaps molded Lark heater hoses are on the way?

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        Speaking of heater cores, does anyone have a good used one for a 63 Lark? I know I'm being a CASO but $175.00 for a new one is kind of tough right now. Spring is around the corner. Maybe I'll just wait!!

        Jamie McLeod
        Hope Mills, NC
        Jamie McLeod
        Hope Mills, NC

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          a good FLAPS should have a selection of hoses the right diameter with a 90 degree molded elbow, just have them sell you one of those and trim to fit. Alternately you could probably find a 90 degree plastic fitting with two hose barbs, but that won't look as attractive.


          55 Commander Starlight

          55 Commander Starlight


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            Jamie, email sent.

            Joseph R. Zeiger
            Joseph R. Zeiger


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              I bought a copper elbow at the plumbing supply, a couple short hose pieces and a couple extra hose clamps.
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                I bought a 3/4 dia hose from napa with a 90degree moulded end
                for my Avanti.

                Atlanta Ga.