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Avanti 63 window regulator

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  • bige
    Check to see if the spring is installed so that it assists upward travel. If it goes down real easy or you can push it down by pressing on the glass either the spring is on wrong or too weak to do its job.

    Unless you have missing or severely worn teeth or lots of clearance at the pivots that's the only thing I can thnk of that would cause your problem.


    1988 "Beater" Avanti---R5388 @ Macungie 2006

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  • Jaybot
    started a topic Avanti 63 window regulator

    Avanti 63 window regulator

    I posted a while back when I first purchased my Avanti and have made several attempts to fix my regulator. First I put a new pin to get better gear grip when turning my handle. Next I degreased the flat coil spring. But the only way I can get the window all the way up is by turning the handle hard and holding it while I close the door from the inside. It then slowly falls to the 1/8" inch gap again. Do I need to rebuild this regulator or is there an obvious problem? Thanks!