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Avanti F-o-m leaking

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  • Avanti F-o-m leaking

    Two months ago a transmission cooling hose ruptured. Now that the car hasn't been started due to the snow, I found a large puddle of trans fluid. Apparently the tailshaft bushing is leaking. Is there anything else you'd recommend to do at the same time, with the trans still in the car. I'm thinking about the u/j, as the driveshaft has to be removed. Anything else?

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    You didn't say if you had serviced the trans, when you replaced the bad cooler hose. A service would be something that I would do, clean screen adjust bands and a new pan gasket. Are you just going to put a new rear seal or a rear seal and bushing? Seal and bushing requires removal of the extension housing,made easier by pulling trans pan. You can check for bushing wear by grabbing front yoke and seeing if there is up and down play, very little id allowed. Lou Cote [8D]


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      Had to get off to do some research. For a rear seal you can use Ford C/4, C/5 or AOD with out the boot or for GM 350 or 700R4 [rear seal]. If you need a extension housing bushing, Ford C/4, C/5 or AOD transmission. Those come in two styles babbit [ok] or bronze [better]. For a trans pan gasket, one to fit a Ford cruisomatic or later model FMX should do the trick. To remove extension housing see your shop manual. Lou Cote [8D]


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        I appreciate your help. I've gone through the SI online catalog preparing a new order. What puzzles me is there doesn't seem to be a rear seal, I've only found the bushing 1565993, (item 91A-36), but no rear seal.


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          I just bought one for my FOM Sunday in stock at Napa. The Napa # is 15005. Its even made in U.S.A. [:0]