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  • Headers

    Does anyone know if there have ever been headers made for the 232 V8 engine found in a 1952 Commander? If so, do you know where they can be obtained?

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    The only folks that I know of who have had headers on a 232 built their own. I guess you would have to build your own or have a custom shop fab some up. However, if you are looking for more performance and not just eye wash you are wasting your money.

    "In the heart of Arkansas."
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    "In the heart of Arkansas."
    Searcy, Arkansas
    1952 Commander 2 door. Really fine 259.
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    • #3 off the shelf headers available...for ANY stude engine.

      As for no perfromance, eye-wash...
      While admittedly the gain will be small, mostly because of the engine rpm's normally used by Stude engine/drivers, there CAN be gains with a proper design. But like I said, they will be a minimum gain.

      My Conestoga "will" be getting a header for its 299 after the initial bugs are worked out.

      Which brings up another point...most think that bolting on a set of tube headers will automatically gain power. Not normally so. With better intake and exhaust...more fuel will be required.



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        Actually, back in the day, there were three different manufacturers who offered tube headers for the 232" V8. They used positively tiny tubes. I've got a set stored at Alan's shop for eventual repair and restoration. Maybe he can post a photo.

        X3, headers, whether tube or R3 cast, are worth very little additional horsepower on a stock Stude V8. Spend a couple of thousand on head and intake porting, larger intake valves and then headers will show additional horsepower.

        thnx, jack vines