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Looking for pulley

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  • Looking for pulley

    I need a new-used crankshaft pulley/hub for my '48 M-16 with the commander engine.

    The pulley came loose from its rivets and wore through the hub cutting it into two pieces. Luckily it didn't cut into the crankshaft. The only problem I have now is trying to remove the seal surface that is still pressed on the crankshaft. Thanks, Neal

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    Yes I am finding out that it is a part that is hard to come by. I think I will make my own, that way I don't have to sleeve the groove in order to put a neoprene seal in the timing cover. I am also considering a serpentine pulley as an upgrade. Neal


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      Neal, look up a forum member who's forum name is oldcals and send him an E-mail. He's got a bunch of M-series parts and hulks. Fred is his name.

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