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Knocking noise - ohv6

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  • Knocking noise - ohv6

    Hi Everyone.. Bertha is having a problem.. not sure what it is. I just had the transmission mounts replaced and now when the car is in gear and under load I'm hearing a knocking noise. It sounds like rod knock..but not sure. The thing thats weird is that the knock does noe happen when car is in neutral. I remember someone talking about flexplate noise. Any help in diagnosing is greatly appreciated.

    Bob Sporner

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    Hi Bob; I would put it on jackstands clearing the ground, and if the e-brake does not stop the rear wheels in Drive, adjust it til it does. Then put on safety glasses, roll under it on a creeper and listen at the rear of engine with it running in Drive. You could hear it better with a piece of a old broomstick or wood. Listen to the converter housing for the knock. It might be a little safer to have a person who understands how to stop the wheels with the brake or ignition switch sitting in the car.

    If you can speed up and slow down and run at various speeds in neutral with no noise, it cannot be a bearing knock. I think it is a cracked flex plate or loose plate to Converter bolts.

    Cracked flex plates are many times a result of someone doing an engine change without reading the manual on "dialing-in" the converter housing to fit the new block. Mr. Biggs is currently "supposidly" doing exactly that on his Transtar Truck engine transplant.

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      Well... found the answer to the knocking noise... when the tranny/engine were lifted back into their proper height...two things happened... linkage had to be adjusted to get park back and the exhaust pipe was contacting the crossmember... glad it was something simple.