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63 Avanti, foot operated washer pump

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  • 63 Avanti, foot operated washer pump

    My 63 Avanti wasn't equipped with a windshield washer so I'm having a manual one installed, (bought it at SI). Were on the floor board should it be installed, not interferring with the headlight switch?
    BTW, kind of silly calling a foot operated pump a manual pump, like the foot operated hand brake is called a handbrake!

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    It is mounted close to the left cowlkick and above the dimmer switch sufficiently to not interfere with the dimmer switch. My car is in storage. Perhaps someone can give you an elevation measurement.


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      I seem to remember existing holes when I put in my pump. Since I believe they were dealer installed in a lot if not all cases the actual position is arbitrary as long as it doesn't interfere with anything else.

      I don't have a good closeup of the washer bag but can get you one tomorrow if necessary. Again, there were holes there already but you can't veer too much either way and have a nice fit.

      The NOS accessories have a hanger that has a 90 degree bend that has screw holes that require screwing in from the top but I've seen repro kits where the hanger needs to be screwed in on the vertically rather than the horizontally on the fender apron.

      R2 R5388 @ Macungie 2006________________ 1988 "Beater" Avanti


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        I can position the pump by referring to the steering shaft and the distance between the shaft and the kick panel. Is your Avanti a 64? Thinking about the brake light switch.
        As to the hanger, mine from SI has to be modified, welding a strip of metal so it can be screwed in from above, as I've seen on Bob Langers immaculate car.


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          My car is a '64...

          When I first converted to a dual MC I had the hydraulic switch installed in-line. I found that it did not power the brake lights under light braking. No more problems with the mechanical switch.

          Every once in awhile a NOS washer kit pops up on ebay with the right bracket or maybe if you reach out on the forum someone may have one you can purchase, a lot easier than modifying the one you have.


          R2 R5388 @ Macungie 2006________________ 1988 "Beater" Avanti