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  • Dana 44 question

    Hello to all.

    I have a dana 44 rear end with limited slip differential in my 6 cyl Silver Hawk. If you grab hold of the shaft ( where the driveshaft hooks up) and turn it back and forth, there is about 1/4 inch play from the extreme left to the exteme right. To say it another way, the extreme left is when you feel the rear wheels start to pull back and the extreme right is when you feel the wheels start to pull the other way. There is only a few thousandths play in the ring and pinion,(I can feel them engage) so that accounts for only a very small amount of the slop. Is this normal for this rear end, and if not what could be the problem?? Thanks again----Dan

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    the extra play comes from:

    a. the differential pinion to side pinion play
    b. the side pinion to axle splines slop

    it all adds up. 1/4" isn't much considering what paths the power has to take to get to the wheels.

    JohnP, driving & reviving
    an early Lark
    JohnP, driving & reviving
    60 Lark & 58 Scotsman 4dr


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      As allstate says, sounds ok.

      A simple removal of the rear cover and a dial indicator to check the "pinion to ring gear" clearance as a verification will tell you positivly what that is.

      The Dana posi also has the side pinion axles...movement as overall slop also. It's the way this posi works, the side gears, or pinions axle moves up and down the "V" groove to lock up the friction plates inside the unit.



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        one other thing that the TT (Twin Traction) R/A will do on occasion is "clunk" under certain driving conditions...I find it often on turning problem ....


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          How long has it been since the gear oil in your diff. has been changed? On my 62 Hawk it was in storage for close to 20 years, and probably never changed. After removing the diff. cover, about a cup of gear oil came out- the rest I scooped out by hand. I used my solvent spray can to clean the rest out, allowed it to dry, installed new gasket, painted cover and refilled. I changed fluid again after 200 miles. With a TT unit you will need a posi additive, I use the stinky stuff that you can get fron ford. To work additive into clutch unit I find a empty parking lot and 20 tight turns to the left, and 20 tight turns to the right -at about 5 mph. Lou Cote [8D]


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            Thanks everyone--you saved me again.---Dan