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Putting AC in a 55 sedan

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  • Putting AC in a 55 sedan

    Has anyone installed an AC system in a 55 sedan? What evaporator unit did you use? My installer put in a Vintage Air compact 2 6800hdc unit and is having trouble getting hoses to work behind the radio. Radio is a late model type that slides into chassis. Much smaller than the stock set up. I'm wondering if he has mounted the evaporator too high up so that hoses, radio and wiper arms are in contact with each other.
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      I used an evaporator from a 60's Lark and didn't have the conflict behind the radio. I had a four row core installed in my radiator and put the condencer and electric fan in front. Moved the partial flow oil filter to the driver side and installed the alternator on the passenger side of the oil fill tube with a custom made mount.
      The Sanden compressor is mounted on the altered generator mount. This method of installation is listed in the tech tips and doesn't require a dual groove pulley on the crank shaft.

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