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  • Driving me crazy!

    Does anyone have any tricks for this one?

    I've painted all my parts real perty but every time I go to bolt it on, the washer turns and tears up my paint! I'm using very expensive stainless washers that are smooth. I put a flat washer on first & then the lock. I've even tried two flat washers with grease in between hoping the washers will turn on each other instead of the paint. No paint means future rust!

    I've done the tape test on my paint with aggressive duct tape and the paint is stuck on the metal well. My paint prep was done well-very clean, right temp and humidity etc.

    Anyone have any tricks for this one?? Thanks Dan

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    The lock washer is intended to go on the base metal and tear into it holding the screw fast, AND making a good GROUND for Electrics that are often fastened that way.

    I just don't see how a tiny bit of bare metal UNDER the screw or bolt could really matter! Forget the flat washers unless the hole in a bracket is oversize (larger than the bolt or nut. [^]

    The paint should not be hurt outside of the screw, bolt or washer diameter.

    Maybe just put some dielectric grease under the star lock washers and Crank em down! [:0] No rust!

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      Ya I hate when that happens,though it's kinda nature of the beast.I assume you are talking about body panels and such?

      Joseph R. Zeiger
      Joseph R. Zeiger


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        Thanks to all!----Dan


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          When you paint these small brackets with a spray can you have to make sure they are warmer than the ambient air.
          The release of pressure out of a spray can cools the metal and condensation form on the metal preventing the paint to stick.
          I would heat the parts slightly with a heat lamp before you paint with a spray can unless you live in a low humidity area.


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            Hold the nut stationery and turn the head of the bolt (if thats possible). Of course, this would likely make the washer under the bolt head turn. [B)] You could check with the hardware store and see about purchasing some neoprene flat washers and place these under the steel flat washer. Or maybe put a thin rubber O-ring under the steel flat washer and when the nut becomes tight, the O-ring will flatten and not be noticeable. I've never tried these things, I'm just thinking out loud. [8D]

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              If its small parts painted with a spray can. I've found that letting the paint dry for at least a week or so helps a lot. Although dry, its still sort of soft for a few days and scrapes off easily.

              Jeff in ND

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              Jeff in ND


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                Thanks again---Good ideas to try---Dan


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                  Jeff is right. Spray can paint takes days to cure in most cases. If it's in direct sunlight you can speed up this process a little. There is a vast difference between drying and curing. If you are in a rush take the washer and CAREFULLY grind a little bevel on the point that is going to rub the paint. This will cause it to slide instead of digging in.

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                    Get some Permatex brown liquid in a bottle or plastic bottle. Paint the underside of your washer and a dab where it sits. Be a bit neat. Lay the washer where it will be during assembly. Let it dry into place a while. It may hold it from spinning around If you don't put tons of torque on it. Or- don't worry about it, Or- cut some plastic washers out of milk jug material and use them under your metal flat washer. jimmijim

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                      I try to seal bolts with putty under the flat washers if rust could be an issue in the future. I probably have a
                      pound or two in my car.