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63 Lark Belt #

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  • 63 Lark Belt #

    Can anyone give me the napa or like, power steering belt # ?
    This is a 289 Cruiser with AC and power steering.
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    I don't know if this will help, but when I purchased my 64 Cruiser (289) it came with a big packet of part cross reference #s. It is from 81 but maybe the #s are still valid. Power steering belt from Napa #1548513. Hope this helps.


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      My Dayco vintage belt and hose book shows their # 15375 for V8 power steering.

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        My '64 has a Dayco 15375.

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          Just a shameless plug, the interchange on my web site has this info (the number others have posted is correct) although I will be migrating it soon as I am no longer with Comcast.


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