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Four wheel disc & equalizer valve????

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  • Four wheel disc & equalizer valve????

    I have access to a disc brake rear end to use
    under either my 55 or 53. I am using a Turner
    kit on front. I know I need to use 2# residual
    valves on both front and rear, But has anyone
    used this setup, and did you find it necessary
    to use a proportioning valve[?]

    Tex E. Grier

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    I've got four wheel disc's in my 54 wagon.
    No, I didn't use a proportioning valve in my car.

    My master cylinder is a twin outlet, I did use the residual valves.
    My brake setup is Avanti disc's in front, Ford disc's in the rear, with Wilwood calipers at all four corners. It stops really well as is.

    I've thought about trying an adjustable valve, but right now the systems working well as is, and I have a ton of other stuff going on. So right now, more experimentation will have to wait until the 299 engine goes in and gets sorted out.



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      I have Turner discs front and rear no residual valves, no prop valve, no problems.

      R2 R5388 @ Macungie 2006________________ 1988 "Beater" Avanti


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        If using the OEM C/K under-floor master cylinder location, the residual valves usually aren't necessary.

        If you want rear discs, go for it. However, I used the OEM drums, as well as the 11" Avanti drums and couldn't identify any improvement when I went to rear discs. On a Stude, especially an Avanti, on a hard stop 80% of the weight of the car is on the front brakes anyway.

        thnx, jack vines



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          Wilwood installation instructions on residual pressure valves:
          "If the master cylinder is mounted lower than the disc brake calipers, some fluid flowback to the master cylinder reservoir may occur, creating a vacuum effect that retracts the caliper pistons into the housing. This will cause the pedal to go to the floor on the first stroke until it has "pumped up" and moved all the pistons out against the pad again. A Wilwood in-line two pound residual pressure valve, installed near the master cylinder will stop the fluid flowback and keep the pedal firm and responsive."

          Your experience may vary, but that's what Wilwood installation instructions say.

          '53 Commander
          Art Morrison chassis
          LS6 ASA/4L60E
          '53 Commander
          Art Morrison chassis
          LS6 ASA/4L60E


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            Ralt12 you are correct, 2# residual check valve for disc brakes, 10# for drum brakes. The stock under the floor M/C has a built in residual check valve. These are needed to over come the brake springs, so that you do not have a low pedal.

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