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Why did I have to remove it?

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  • Why did I have to remove it?

    63 Avanti, removed all parts related to the hood latch mechanism for plating. Made a great improvement in the engine bay. Removed the cable, and have not succeded in putting it back. Didn't even take a picture because it should be so easy...
    Problem is that the cable is so long so there has to be a loop under the dash, next to the left inner kick panel. But how should the loop go? Behind the one/ or two brackets that hold the fuse block? Why is the cable so long? I'm certain the cable, and everything related to it, is original. The only loop I managed to do makes the cable pass in front of the ventilation grille, which can't be right.

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    Sure your not using a trunk release cable by accident?

    Routing is pretty straightforward with not a lot left over on the original cable.

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      Thank you very much for your photo, problem solved. The loop I have makes the cable 12 - 16 in longer so it's obvious it has been replaced with a trunk cable. Just have to cut it and bend the end to make it fit on the pivot.
      By the way, 23 minutes after my posting problem is solved. I'm very impressed with this forum.