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    I would like to know if anyone in studebaker land has had any experience with electric power steering. flaming river has a set up but the price 2000.00 to 6000.00 is too costly. I wonder if anyone out there has any knowledge of retrofitting a unit from say a chev cobalt or such in a custom car. I would like to try to do so in my 1953 modified c coupe. I can't find room with my big block motor and slik stuff manuel rack and pionon unit for a power unit and no room for a power steering pump. I guess this is a crazy post but any comments would be helpful as I would like to try..Love the

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    Personally, I didn't care for the feel of the electrc steering, very disconnected. I also had an experience on my wife's Malibu where the assist would cut out at high RPM. It was diagnosed as a reaction to a voltage spike by the electric motor to save itself. I found out from that experience that the system is a very complicated one with multiple actions being monitored and controlled by the ECM.

    Is there anyone out there that makes a remote, electric, hydraulic pump that can supply a std. hydraulic rack to take the place of an engine mounted one?


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      A few years ago there was a project here to do a electric PS unit. It would have been ideal for a retrofit or rod as the unit had a shaft sticking out each end so it could be put in line with the existing steering shaft between the wheel and the original gear box. It was relatively small too. Operated as a stand-alone item so just needed 12v power and no other connections. The application was those small off road utility vehicles and some larger mowers. It had a small motor, torque sensors, and microprocessor control to the motor drive. The assist feel was adjusted for the application via reprogramming. Brushless motor so no parts to wear. A few protos where made but the project was scrapped in the end due to inability to meet the cost goals for it. Too expensive for the application.

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        Only one I'm aware of is on the truck forum who's putting or was putting one in an R series truck.


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