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Pulley mounting

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  • Pulley mounting

    Does anyone have a picture of what the vibration damper hub and pulley are supposed to look like? I am especially interested in how the pulley mounts to the hub. My hub and pulley have been worn so bad that they aren't attached and there is no evidence of how they were attached. BTW this is a 1948 M-16 commander engine. Thanks, Neal

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    If they aren't attached what drives the pulley? I haven't purchased a parts book yet. Neal

    I don't see that they ever were 'attached', and you'll need an installing tool so you don't hurt it.


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      Somone on STT informed me that the pulley is attached by rivets to the hub.

      The fact that the pulley was riveted on to the hub makes sense because of all of the holes in the pulley but I see no evidence of rivets on the pulley (probably show up when I clean it). I am getting the sense that the seal should run on the hub but, when I pulled the hub the surface on which the seal rides appears to be part of the crank shaft.

      If it is the case that the sealing surface is an integral part of the hub then I would have to assume that the pulley came loose from its rivets and wore through the hub cutting it into two pieces. This hypothesis makes the most sense to me because of the wear pattern on the hub and the miniscule piece of key left on the crank.

      Please will someone let me know if I am correct? If this theory is true I have another problem, how do I remove what is left of the hub from the crank. Thanks, Neal