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61 delco distributor rebuild

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  • 61 delco distributor rebuild

    Remember that distributor that I bought that came with the worn out,
    advance weight posts? Got a qoute today that he rebuild it for $150.
    Hows that sound for a price?

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    Get hold of Bud on this forum, he has a Sun Dist machine in his garage, and knows hoe to set up Stude distibutors. He has set up all of mine. The price sounds about right, depending on what they will be doing

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      Spend a few bucks more and get one of Dave Thibeault's brand new electronic distributors!! 978 897-3158.
      He had them made for both the V8 and sixes. Good guy to deal with.


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        what kind of car are we talking about? if it's a '61 Hawk with a tach only the Delco non-window will work, in which case a rebuild is a good option, unless someone has a known good used one. If you aren't locked into the SW Pulse Drive tach sender than any Stude V-8 dist in good condition will work.


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          Spend a few bucks more and get one of Dave Thibeault's electronic distributors .
          Everything is new in these