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R3 High Tension Ignition Wire Color

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  • R3 High Tension Ignition Wire Color

    There was a recent post regarding the color of R3 spark plug wires (it may have been a highjacked tangent) but a search didn't bring it up. I just discovered a single wire that was removed from a factory R3 Avanti. The other 7 had been replaced with alternates. I suspect this wire is probably original to the car due to the date. The wire is very orange (yellow orange) with no hint of red. The covered areas under the boots are the same color. The section under the emission separator covers reads as follows: 10728 75H 105506 IB2 7MM 8-63 . The core is solid metal. For what it's worth.

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    Sounds like that is what it is.


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      BINGO! I went to look at wires from mine, but a lot of the numbers were unreadable and that from an engine that sat in a crate or a museum for 43 years. The plug wires from a mid-sixties MOPAR hipo motor are 7mm & orange, but not the exact same color.


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        You used to be able to get plug wires from a Chrysler Dealer that were orange, and "cut" to length. I used them on my Avanti 30 years ago

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          The wire in question was made by Autolite in the mid to late 60's. It was more of a beige color than the Chrysler wires, had a silicone jacket and a copper wire conductor. We used that stuff on the high performance engines that we ran in those days. There was no suppressor core, so radio reception usually suffered. I believe that Borg Warner still makes the orange silicone 7mm wire with a suppressor core. I have a 100 ft. roll that I bought a couple of years ago to make plug wires for my Avanti. Bud


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            This particular wire that I have has a date of 8-63 and has a bright silver metal core - definitely not copper. The jacket is very orange and there is no indication on the wire that the jacket is silicone.


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              WCP, you're correct, the Autolite wire has a stainless steel core. I haven't used the wire since the very early 70's and I finally remembered that the wire was stainless and not copper. Bud