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crank shaft pulley

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  • crank shaft pulley

    I have a '55 champion with a '51 engine. I have replaced the timing gear and am now putting things back together. My question is how to get the crankshaft pulley back on. I have done a search already and have learned what NOT to do (pull it on with the bolt) but I don't see how to put it back on without using Studebaker's special tool, which, obviously, I don't have.


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    Put it in the oven to expand the whole thingy. You must first dissasemble the thing all the way and make sure to remove rubber insulation, pullies, every thing. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Shut off oven and remove the piece using welders gloves or something to protect your hands. The timing cover case should be installed loosely so the felt seal will center properly around the circumpherence of the thingy that encircles the crank snout that has the keyway. Put the key in the crank snout first. It is called something other than a harmonic balancer assembly but the word now escapes me. If you are indeed using a felt seal make sure it is new and soak it in oil before installing it in place under the washer like retainer that is fastened with screws to the timing cover.. Drill 1/8 inch holes in the washer like retainer at 5 and 7 o'clock.{before you install the retainer} This will allow oil to escape back into the timing cover instead of all over the front of your engine. Once you have the collar inserted on the crank and into the felt seal snug up the timing cover bolts. Install your pullies an locking washer that keeps your crank bolt fron backing out. Bend the edges to lay against the crank bolt head. Hope not to have been confusing. jimmijim

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