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Ah, the joys of engine swaps

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    That weld job looks great.

    Is there any concern of the close distance to the brake line and the heat from the header? Looks very close in the picture.

    Jeff in ND

    '53 Champion Hardtop

    Jeff in ND


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      quote:Originally posted by Michigan

      Gonna do er up right

      Way to nice a vehicle to cobble-up a solution. CASO be darned in a case like this.

      Down the road, you'll be glad you did it this way every time you open the hood.

      Me likee lots.




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        quote:Originally posted by Michidan

        In other words, this is how to turn $170 headers into $500 headers.

        Beautiful work! []

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA

        Dick Steinkamp
        Bellingham, WA


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          The brake line is actually no problem, farther than it looks. The gas line runs along the frame here though, trying to keep that far away as possible...
          Was just looking at that picture and reminded myself to grab a 90 zerk fitting. I'd hate to have to pull he motor to grease the suspension.


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            That's why I love this forum - you guys give me hope there's still folks out there willing to figure out how to git'erdun RIGHT and put some muscle and pride into making it happen.

            Good on you, Dan. I want one of the first rides when she's done - right after the photo session you're about to promise me

            Keoni Dibelka / HiloFoto
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