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  • windshield installation

    in posting the plea for help in re-installing front and rear windshield I forgot to tell what car we are working on. It is a 1954 Commander Starliner. Again, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    In answer to your second un-replyable all CAPS email:

    (1) Log into the Forum at the TOP of the page, right hand side.

    (2) Find your: "front and rear windshield glass" Topic.

    (3) Go to one of YOUR "Post's" that you want to update, correct, change etc.

    (4) Click on the "yellow pencil on a sheet of paper ICON" on the top of your post.

    (5) Then type in your changes corrections etc. when finished click on the "Preview button at the bottom of the post and check how the changes are displayed and spelled, when finished click the "Close" button.

    (6) You will be back to the update, to make changes if needed.

    (7) When finished, click on the "Post Changes" button.

    (8) Done!

    OR, use the "REPLY" icon, shown on your topic, to add another "Post" to your "Topic" (or "string")

    That is as detailed, yet simple as I can make it.

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    Proud '54 Starliner Owner
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