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185 six overhaul questions

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  • 185 six overhaul questions

    I'm am going to overhaul a 185 six to put in my 1951 champion which i'm still driving. I bought this six and know no history. Valves look good rod bearings look pretty good. When pulling 5 and 6 piston the compression ring was broken. Slight scoring of 5 and 6 piston near wrist pin. All the other rings look good but have .020 gap between ring and piston. 2nd ring and oil rings look good and tight. Cylinder walls look to be smooth and no scoring or taper.
    Does any body know why the rings would break like that and be sloppy?
    From Shane 16

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    Bad pistons! You need NEW ones. Someone must have done a re-ring without checking the ring groves!

    The scored pistons MAY have been caused by backwards Rods with the oil hole facing the wrong way, causing lack of Oil on the Cylinder walls.
    Or, just overheating, lugging engine, overloading car, wrong axle ratio, driving in wrong gear. Gee, my educated guesses are starting to sound like the trouble shooting list in a Shop Manual!

    Maybe low oil pressure, because of worn lifter bores and or lifters and no aftermarket modification oil gallery restrictor in the lifter oil gallery?

    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      Rings can break if the bearing wears a lot and there is a ridge at the top of the cylinder that the ring comes in contact with suddenly. Also, it might have broken during removal. If you're saying that the compression ring has a widened groove of .020, you can shim it with an old oil ring. Always check the skirt clearance and knurl the piston skirts as needed to make for a snug fit. I always knurl them a little over and then file them until they slide in. But if you have a huge ridge, bore it. Because the rings will slide in and out of the piston grooves as they travel from the unworn cylinder to the larger worn cylinder.


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        Your car is a good candidate for a Stude V8, It is not a hard job to do. Parts are available.


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          alot of times the rings are broken when installed.engine will miss at idle but rev good and have power in the mid's mostly done by amatures.never use the ring contractors that use the band a former rebuilder of engines i have a large assoc. of tapered ring compressors which are the best.

          2006,f-150,2x4,v-6,5-speed manual,8ft bed, will post stude info when i get it on the road.