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    I have a 64 Daytona with a 289. It sounds like my water pump is making a lot of noise and the fan belt pulley wiggles back a forth. I assume the water pump needs replacing. My question is: When replacing the water pump, can it be replaced by removing the fan blade and pulley or do I have to remove the water manifolds too. If I don't have to remove the water manifolds, it looks like a pretty easy job. Anthing special I shoiuld be aware of? Thanks, John.

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    just take the fan and pulley off, it bolts onto the water manifold with four bolts like a Chrysler.

    Make sure that the weep hole points down.

    Use copper washers under the bolts. The holes go all the way through the casting so if you don't use the copper washers they will leak. Wouldn't hurt to run a tap through all the holes while cleaning up prior to reassembly.

    There have been reports on some water pumps with the impeller pressed on to the wrong depth, so do a search for that issue and either buy your pump from one of the "good guy" Stude vendors, or else check your impeller depth before putting it all back together. (or both, is not a bad idea.)

    The hardest part of the job is getting the pulley and fan back on; it helps to take a long bolt the right thread and whack the head off of it. Use it to keep the pulley, spacer, and fan lined up while you get the other three bolts started and then remove it with pliers.

    that's about it, it's actually a pretty easy job. Have fun!


    55 Commander Starlight
    55 Commander Starlight