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    Will installing an electric fuel pump solve hard starting on my '56 Sky Hawk?

    peter lee
    peter lee

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    Peter - I think a little more info is needed before a diagnosis can be made... there are a number of issues that could cause hard starting, a fuel pump problem is only one of them.

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      It helped on mine when I was stranded without a replacement. Got me home (25 miles) until it blew the needle and seat out of the carbuerator (it had no regulator). There are probably better fixes and as Mark 57 said, a little more info might help in the diagnosis.
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        Hot start, cold start, short storage, long storage (time parked)? [?] [?]

        For over 1 to 3 days parked, the new highly evaporative 10% Alcohol fuels will evaporate from the Carb. also an old Carb. with the bowl sealant long gone, will "seep" fuel.

        The #1 most common reason for slow starting, is poor CHOKE adjustment! [:0] You need a almost closed choke, to cold start any engine.

        You also NEED a good hot spark with properly adjusted non-pitted points or a Pertronix Electronic Ignition module. Also GOOD: Cap, Rotor, Plug wires, spark plugs, coil (and condenser if equipped).

        Always remove the fuel line at the Carb. and let it go in a small container while cranking with a remote starter switch, to prove a bad fuel pump, lines or tank first.

        These cars worked fine when new, with mechanical fuel pumps and even pre-1956 with 6 Volt batteries, there is NO reason they cannot NOW!

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