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    Am new to this forum,hi all,my next vehicle is going to be a stude.I have been a Rambler man for quite some time still have 66 ramb classic 770 anyway did stude ever change to ball jouints or are they all trunion.Also did they use tourque tubes or regular d-shaft?How readily available are parts for larks 62-66 ,trans parts [auto]etc.

  • #2 ball joints nor torque tubes (post war).
    Some had two piece drive shafts though.

    Welcome and have fun.



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      Welcome to the Studebaker fraternity!

      Chris Pile
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        Welcome, Jon. If you get a chance to pick up back issues of "Turning Wheels" (sometimes they come up on eBay or the ads in the back of the latest edition of TW), it's like going to Studebaker University. It's amazing to see what the club has accomplished over the last couple of decades. Helped me greatly, as well as the many fine Stude people who help on this forum. Hope your experience is a great one!
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          The 1965-66 Studes used Chevrolet engines whereas other years used Studebaker engines. All trannies were made by Borg-Warner (automatic, 3 and 4 speed manual car trannies). Dana rear axles, Delco and Autolite/Prestolite electronics. Many new parts are available as NOS and reproduction from the many vendors that are listed on the website. Many used parts are available from members of this forum. If you give us your approximate location, we may find that there are members that live near you. Good luck.

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            if you haven't purchased a car yet, #1 criterion in a pleasurable Stude experience is CONDITION. By that I mean solid, non-rusty body and frame. Mechanical stuff is way more available than NOS or "good used" body parts. C-Ks are especially hard to find fenders for.


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