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  • Hanging doors

    I am replacing the doors on my 66 2 door sedan. I am having a heck of a time getting them to fit right.The problem is I cannot get them to fit squarely in the doorway. I have tried shims, no shims, etc. The original doors fit good, but these doors I bought at Cedar Rapids are giving me fits. The top hinge is a little worn, and that is probably some of the problem, but the old doors fit good, and closed good. So I feel like these should too. Back to that top hinge. I do have another one that I could replace it with. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get that rusty bugger out of the cowl? when I took the old door off' I just dilled out the heads. They were so rusted even heating them didn't help. The cowl is the same way. Thanks in advance.

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    Kurt, I;m not familiar with edans but I went through this with
    my 58 Hawk; I too replaced the original doors with different ones;
    you can get them right, just takes time and patience. I had a motorcycle lift to hold my doors up while I played with the adjustments. I even enlarged the slots in the doors (where the hinges attach) to gain more adjustment fore and aft. Its recommended that you only remove the hinges from the pillars as a
    last resort; but sometimes it is necessary. I removed mine because the pins were worn and they were a little sloppy, which also affects adjustment. I had them rebuilt. To remove, I used a hand held impact hammer. (see below) Be sure to use the right size bit. That, with a little heat, got all mine out except for one, which I drilled out. Like I said, time and patience.
    Good luck,