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  • Window Felt (catwiskers)

    Hey Guys,

    First let me say thanks for the help on the brakes. I ordered a hub puller and hopefully that will do the trick.

    My next question is, I am having a hard time finding felt for the door windows. I know that the Champ was used from the Lark, Can I use the ones for that car and if so what year?

    Also, I need to know what rear axle came with that truck and where I can find a service manual.

    I am sure that I will have many more questions as I just dont know that much about Stude's and they are an odd vehicle..

    Thanks again.


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    Todd, all of your questions and MORE, will be answered when you join the SDC and receive your "TURNING WHEELS" monthly club publication, and also go to one of the Studebaker Vendors at: who understand Studebakers, so you don't have to tell them what COUNTRY it was made in! Lol!

    You say or look up the parts as, what it is: a 1960 5E, 1961 6E, 1962 7E or 1963-'64 8E -5 or -7 or whatever Champ pickup.

    The rear axle if a 1/2 Ton, is a Dana Spicer model 45 which has the same center carrier and internals as the more common Dana 44, but has bigger axles, wheel bearings and seals and is a wider housing than a very similar Lark/Hawk V-8. [^]

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      I've used the fuzzy side of self stick heavy duty velcro, cut to size. The old stuff scrapes off easily. Mine has been in place for ten years and has just started to unstick in places. I may just use double sided self stick molding tape to stick it back on again.

      My next thought was to by some universal stuff available through Restoration Specialties. They have an on-line catalog and pictures along with dimensions.


      Happy New Year!

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