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Brake Drum size

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  • Brake Drum size

    Anybody got a 10" Hawk finned drum that they can lay on the floor, open side down, and measure from the floor to the wheel mounting surface? I'm trying to determine if I can use a Chrysler H.D. rear drum for a replacement on my Hawk. Thanks

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    3 11/16" measured inside from axle contact surface to edge of finned area. This is a flange axle drum. I assume the tapered version is same or close.


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      The Chrysler shoe surface is wider than the 2" Stude. drums, so you have to cut it down to prevent it locking up on the backing plate.

      You may be buying your drum lathe owner machine shop a new cutter!

      Also, the "finned area" edge of a 289 equipped car 10" rear drum is NOT the shoe contact surface, so it really does not matter since it extends beyond (inboard of) the backing plate.

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        I have an overall dim. for the Mopar drum, I'm just looking for the same measurement for the Stude drum. 3 11/16" is what I wanted. The Mopar shoe surface is 2 1/2", I can cut it down on a regular lathe with a carbide tool. Thanks for the info.