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47 studebaker m-5 truck

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  • 47 studebaker m-5 truck

    Hi, just joined the club Hope someone out there can be of help I have 2 47 studs,one for parts and one I have driven for 25 years I have dropped a 69 dodge dart 340 engine,tranny and rearend into my driver I have concerns about the front suspension will it hold up to the extra weight of the V-8 or should I replace it I have been told that a mustang-2 is a good choice I have not put it on the road yet still working on new brake system any suggestions are welcomed thanks michaelb

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    I have a "Fatmans" Mustang II front suspension under my 1947 M-5 and am very happy with it. It drives and rides well, and was a fairly easy installation. I don't know the weight of you Mopar engine but I used a Studebaker V8, which is a comparatively heavy engine, and the Mustang II V8 springs. Worked fine. I also used a MasterPower Brakes universal pedal/master cylinder. It fit well with minor modification, and works great. Both are weld-in applications, however, and if you are unsure about your welding abilities, I would have a professional install them.

    Good luck,


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      It's unlikely but, if you have any salvage yards with an AMC Pacer sitting around, you may do well to take some measurements on its front suspension; get rack and pinion and, maybe, a tilt-wheel to boot.

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        The Pacer front end does fit fairly well. Also the Mopar Volare/Aspen suspension. The problem is in finding parts to rebuild them. I would check for parts availability before going to the trouble and expense of installing either of these. The aftermarket suspensions (there are numerous ones--buy a Street Rodder or Classic Truck magazine) use available parts, and also offer several updates such as air suspension or larger brakes. I chose the Fatmans because it is the cheapest of the bunch.

        Good luck