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Need seat ideas for Champ pick-up

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  • Need seat ideas for Champ pick-up

    I would like to replace the bench seat in my '64 champ pickup. I'd like a split bench, individually adjustable forward and rear, and have the seat backs hinged so I could access the small amount of storage space behind them easily.

    Has anyone found a decent brand X seat, consistent with my wish list, that would work in a Champ with a minimum of mounting bracket fabrication?


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    I'd look around for a 61-66 Cruiser split seat, It will have recliner works and will be the right width. Your 8E came with a block of wood at each end of the seat to get the seat height to clear the Trans tunnel. You only have to fab brackets for the inner rails as the factory sedan center bracket may not work. To me that be an easy do, then upholster to your liking. Easier than searching, trial and error for fit.
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      I agree with Kim but it sounds like you are set on a late model seat. A recent thread talked about late model seats in a C-cab Stude and someone used an S-10 Chevy seat.
      Here is that thread: http://forum.studebakerdriversclub.c...archTerms=seat

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        I used a 60/40 seat combination from a Ford Ranger. It has a fold down armrest which is quite handy. I used the sliders that came with my C-cab and mounted a frame on top of it. If you go the truck forum you will see pictures of it. Also Pete and Judy Sauer have a Champ pickup and they mounted bucket seats in it as well. Their email address is


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          Just as an after thought if you could get a set of Sebring bucket seats to fit, the seat belts are internal to the seat. This saves a lot of fitting etc. Regards Mark


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            s 10 xtended cab seats fold forward and recline. 94 up jimmijim

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              I used Toyota bucket seats in my 62 Champ pickup now i can store things behind them.
              I can also take them out easy to work under the dash.I found the orignal seat to
              be very heavy & awkard to take in & out.

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                How did you fit buckets in a Champ?

                I played with that idea but given the shape of the floor there was no way to mount the inside brackets without doing REALLY ugly things to the head room.

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                  I got a sawzall and a welder. That will fit there. Seriously, I looked at putting a set of leather buckets from an exploder in mine. They would go with very little modification but there was a tiny bit of cutting and welding involved. They dont tip forward but are power and recline. Steve



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                    I went the easy way out & put in a front seat from a 2 door Lark in mine. Now I have the seat back that folds forward to gain access to the limited space in the rear of the seat area. Easy & CASO to do.

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                      Just a how-not-to pic:

                      The floors on that 59 Chev. Apache are to die for though[]

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