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motor mount brackets

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  • motor mount brackets

    Anyone have a set of motor mount brackets that bolt to the frame for a 58 hawk? Thanks

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    Do you mean the brackets that bolt to the block? not sure if there were sixes in 58 but if there were what model Hawk do you have? I have a small bunch of n.o.s. brackets for sale if we determine what you need.

    Joseph R. Zeiger
    Joseph R. Zeiger


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      58 golden hawk. Need the brackets that bolt to the frame, rubber donuts set on them. Mine are broken, could repair, however if I am going to take the effort to remove them, would like a good set to put back. Thanks


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        Hmm....bolt to the frame. Originals were riveted, weren't they? Who knows what was bolted in...

        I bow to experience (mine experience must have been with wimps) They (the engineers) may have been concerned about excessive torque.

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          Have two 58 hawks, both have the brackets bolted to the frame. Some one must have a bad frame with some of these brackets. Thanks


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            All I've ever seen were bolted. But that's not to say some were riveted.


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              53-54 C's & K's were riveted, but I have never owned between a 55 and 61.