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Fender welt installation

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  • Swifster
    ....Or you can have the painter use some flex agent in the paint so that the paint won't crack. This is the same stuff used with plastic/rubber bumper covers on newer cars.

    Tom - Valrico, FL

    1964 Studebaker Daytona

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  • klifton1
    You will have to slit and pie cut the welt to get it to follow the fender curve.
    Paint it after it is installed.

    55 Speedster
    42 Champ Coupe

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  • studeboy28
    started a topic Fender welt installation

    Fender welt installation

    I am about to the stage of reassembling my 1940 commander after painting. Should the fender welt be slit and slipped into place when the fenders are loose. Or should it have holes cut for each bolt hole and put on as the fenders are installed?
    If the welt is painted before it is installed wont the paint fake off when flexed??

    28 dictator
    40 commander