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Heater control valve

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  • Heater control valve

    The heater valve on my Hawk does not seem to close. The cable works okay and the valve lever goes in and out okay but does not shut off. The repair book says not to repair but replace. I can't find them listed in any catalog for '56. Has any one repaired one and where did you get the parts?[?]
    Also what kind of seal is used around the in and out lines on the heater core under the seat? Mine just comes through the floor and has space around the lines. Looks like some type of gasket should go there.[xx(]

    John Ratliff

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    It's been awhile since I took one of those valves apart. If you're talking about the Ranco valve on the firewall, you can get a repair kit from NAPA to fix those. It's actually kinda laughable because this "kit" consists of ONE rubber valve diaphragm and that's it! Was $16 bucks last time I bought one. SI has rebuilt valves for $85 exchange (part# 532880)

    As to the heater hoses, there were little die-cut pieces of foam rubber that sealed off those holes. You could easily fudge something workable yourself.

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      SI sells the foam seals, part #519409 for $2 each but sage advice cannot be discounted.

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        Thanks, for the info. Think I will try and repair the one I have since it is not frozen. If it doesn't work then I see about the $85.00 lay out.
        Will let you know how it turns out.

        John Ratliff


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          I rebuilt one recently, The little rubber gismo cost me $12 and change.
          I don't know about "wont shut off," the repair is for "Leaks."

          It's not a repair I'd want to tackle with a hangover, but it was interesting.

          If you're serious about it email me for details.

          Tom Bredehoft
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            Or if you're not worried about originality and just want something that works for much less than $85, go to your local FLAPS and get a universal heater control valve with a sliding lever that hooks right to your cable. Put one on my '54 about 10 years ago and it works great. There was some minor plumbing involved. I think mine was fron a late '70s Dodge pickup.


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              Tom, got your e-mail and printed copies. If this doesn't help me then there is no hope.[)] Man, this club sure has some great teachers.[^]

              John Ratliff