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driven first ime in four years

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  • driven first ime in four years

    After four years the tires hit the groud. Drove fine except hood pops up, see other post. I had put a 5 speed Mustange T5. Power brakes worked, power steering worked. All gages looked good. Will take in for inspection in the next few days.
    What a feeling after that long.

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    Where are the pictures?


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      I can't figure out how to post them
      quote:Originally posted by buddymander

      Where are the pictures?


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        Yayyy, it's a Xmas miracle! Congrats on satisfying your Studebaker craving. As for sharing pictures I will try to explain. First off, set up a photo hosting account with (or photobucket as Bob Shaw recommends, but photobucket wants lots of personal information). It gives you step by step directions for setting it up. Once you have photos uploaded into your account, flickr allows you to change the size of the picture that you want to share with the forum by clicking the 'All Sizes' icon found just above a selected photo. I typically select 'Medium' for size and this has its own unique URL which can be found below the picture. Right click on the URL address and select 'copy'.
        Now, go to the Studebaker forum and respond to a topic (or start your own new topic). The toolbar shows many icons and the one you want to select is the yellow square looking icon, as this is the 'Insert Image' icon. After clicking on this, you will see [ img] [ /img] in the area where you type messages. Right click inbetween the [ img] and the [ /img] and paste the copied URL address. As an example, it should look something like this:
        [ img]http/[ /img] . Now select 'preview' and your photo should appear. Good luck.

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          Christmas present, to self. Congratulations on your project. and
          perseverance. Don't forget to share the joy with pictures.