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    Lots of interesting ideas here, and in a couple emails I received on the side. I believe I will take things slow, do some learning and thinking. A post from nvonada pointed out an especially helpful link for bringing the car back to life, so I think I will follow that, and the conservative 6v path for a while at least, until I know a little more.

    Although I bought this car on a bit of a whim, I was following an instinct that it would be a good long term project, so I wasn't looking for any quick easy answers.

    I did practice a little cleanup of stainless trim (Inside work- baby it's cold outside), and found my Burr King grinder to be very helpful, at least for the convex shape (inside top of door) I was working on. I started with Trizact A65 and worked to A6, then switched to buffing with L'Hommedieu stainless compounds, but I need to practice a bit more, I can get out the random scratches, but haven't gotten quite the perfect shine yet.

    Thanks for the very nice welcome, you will hear more from me in the months ahead.