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Compression/etc Question (problem solved)

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    Bob, it's good to see you up and running. The shakedown always takes a while, but you're going to be very happy when you've got it all sussed!


    Clark in San Diego
    '63 F2/Lark Standard

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      quote:Originally posted by 63larkcustom

      You hit the nail on the head Mike.. I was extremely sick and disgusted yesterday. But then I drove it home last night and it made it. It was the first time I actually drove the car any distance. It ran kinda weird. With light throttle the car took off slowly and . If I dipped my foot in it, it kinda bogged down. The first thing that came to mind was pcv... I put the pcv hose on it from the 259 engine. Did the engine have a road tube on it? I'm wondering if putting the pcv on it is part of the problem. The other option is to put the 4bbl back on it. I'm tempted to try that as the engine doesn't seem to be happy with this one as its running rather rich. The other thing that the mechanic brought up is that the radiator is pressurizing quickly when its cold. He indicated that that normally means a leaking head gasket. I hate to admit this, but I sure liked working on my little sixes better. This is my second 8 cylinder Studebaker. My first one was a 62 Cruiser and it was problematic like this one. The rest have all been Sixes.

      Dare to be different... Drive your Studebaker!!
      My car had these same symptoms....Rough idle especially when cold and loss of power at full throttle. When you put your foot in it the engine shuddered and lost power.

      My problem was the carb. It was leaking badly and the float level was not set properly. The carb was rebuilt and it is like a different car now.



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        Thats how this one is with the new 4bbl carb. Its going to the body shop today to get its new coat of metallic green. I needed a break from the mechanical stuff and needed a little satisfaction. When it gets back the mounts and that stuff will be done to it. I need to see the car not looking so ratty. JDP if your reading, please contact me, I want to get one of your seat cover sets. I've sent emails and have not gotten response. Thanks. Bob

        Dare to be different... Drive your Studebaker!!