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trans swap 50 to 55 6 cyl to v8

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  • trans swap 50 to 55 6 cyl to v8

    Have an extra 3 spd/od from a 50 6 cyl, will it fit behind a 55 232 v8 with the same 3 spd/od ? Looking at JDP's 55 on the net again.

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    Before going any further, make sure they really are the same transmissions.

    Don't know about the exact fit between the cars you mention, but just generally speaking, remember that Studebaker passenger cars used 3 different 3 speed transmissions (trucks NOT included) from 1939 forward. Visually, think small, bigger, and biggest.

    Whether short tailshaft or long, OD or not, all are Borg Warner. They are:

    T-96 with Champion 6's
    T-86 with Commander 6's, and many V-8's
    T-85 with hot V-8's; 289 Golden Hawks and such. (I seem to remember that in Avantis, if a 4 spd or automatic were not specified, a non-OD T-85 was what you got. Wonder if they actually made any that way?)

    Anyway, if your 6 is a champ, that transmission will not bolt up to a V-8 bell housing, or survive for very long even if it did.


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      As Skyway said, if we're talking Champion tranny - no, it won't work. If we're talking Commander 6 tranny, it should bolt up to the 232's bellhousing.

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