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Brake and Clutch Spring

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    Just a tick of topic, but keeping with US coins.
    My Grandfather once needed 1/4" washers to install side boards on his utility trailer.
    Cost of washers was 2 cents each.
    Grandpa drilled holes in pennies and had custom, non rusting, cool looking washers for half price.
    Grandpa worked in the Studebaker foundry from the time he returned from WWII until he retired in mid 1962.
    The original CASO?
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      I used pennies and got my spring installed. it was a cinch. Thanks for the info. Now my problem is the wiring. I still have been unable to replace the light switch. I cannot remove the bazel


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        Originally posted by brngarage View Post
        Very easy to install the brake spring if you remove the sheet metal cover (four bolts) that protects the pedals from rain and/or snow.
        Since this problem has been solved and was already wandering way off topic, I'd been working on Studebaker C/Ks for many, many years before I ever knew those sheetmetal covers existed. Every car I'd ever been under had lost them at some brake/clutch shadetree event. It's difficult to prove how much they actually protected the floorboards from water ingress, but CAS wouldn't have put them there unless they were necessary. Why they were left off after servicing is the real question.

        jack vines


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          I have never seen one on mine either. In fact I have never heard of them so mine must have been missing for a long time. Probably too late now to worry about finding or making one but you are right they would serve a very good purpose.